nasa shuts down live feed

The NASA conspiracy theorists are back, with reason.

Do you remember the time we landed a satellite on a comet? Pshh. That’s such old news! Space is in right now, I mean, not that it’s ever really been out, but it’s really in the game these days. Just last week, we ended up going to Jupiter, AND discovering a new planet in our own solar system! So casual.

This week too, the humans have continued their trend. Except this time, it felt very different.. probably because the two biggest stories that broke were super sketchy. Like seriously.

Firstly, China…

According to reports, China’s first space station might be in freefall. That means it could be crashing down to Earth while we speak (or as you read). Hmm..

The Tiangong-1 satellite launched in 2001 and was supposed to come back down to Earth in a controlled crash. But satellite trackers worldwide believe China has completely lost control of it, suggesting that the inevitable crash will be anything but “controlled.” Ahh China…

Secondly, NASA is being all quiet (and we want to know why)..

Then, approximately 5 days ago (12th July to be precise), NASA suddenly shut down the International Space Station’s Live Internet Feed when a mysterious object appeared to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Here’s the video until the lines were severed.

As you correctly guessed, conspiracy theorists are having a field day on this one. Some freaking out, some merrily basking in their “I told you so…” sunlight. Some people think it was a UFO while others think it was a meteor. But best of all, we think it could be the Tiangong-1!

For all we know, this could just be a technical glitch. The details are, as we said, too sketchy to confirm anything, however, they are ideal for fun speculation. Have a go at it.

What do you think it could be? Be a kid, wake up your dormant adult imagination, and let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, keep exchanging books, sharing our content on social media (thank you so much), and we’ll keep bring your the good stuff.

Happy weekend everyone.


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