Banter Beyond The Buck

By Partners Of Guru & Jana

Made available by Vishal Modi in Mumbai

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As we sat in the management team meeting, we contemplated that as a Chartered Accountancy Firm, which rejoiced the ups and downs over the past decade. There were so many anecdotes, daily banter, we met failures on the way to success, and every day was a lesson for life. Being in the Chartered Accountancy fraternity each one of us had met global giants, small entrepreneurs, eccentric ones, ambitious professional’s, crazy geeks and safe players, and the list goes on. We had met people of all walks of life, nationality, caste, creed, and business outlook. Meeting these people had been the spice of our profession. New structures, creating new entities, whilst we close down some too, governance, audit, and the like are diversified as it is. The finance world is with numbers, which can be comprehended, and some that cannot. Emotions, minds, models and the entire meeting point lead to a new thought from the square one. We, the think tank of our firm Guru & Jana, concurred that we should pen down these experiences and share it with the world. We structured these to short stories that make a good read and a great learning too. We offer these to you. Team Guru & Jana, Chartered Accountants

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