One Indian Girl

By Chetan Bhagaot

Made available by Nihar Mallick in Chennai

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Chetan Bhagaot is author of one blockbuster book, "One Indian Girl." The New York times did not call him anything yet, USA detains him in airport every time he visits USA, Bhagaot got fired from an "Investment Bank" and trying to make a living out of writing mild porn, Chetan Bhagaot is currently double timing his two Half Girlfriends Panusha and Ranusha. Please buy his book to support him maintaining his two half girlfriends. Here is one paragraph excerpt from the book "One Indian Girl." Sonja is a divorced and attractive Indian girl. She is working as a software engineer in an investment bank, USA. She has money ($$$$), she can afford sex outside marriage. She also has opinion on everything. She is dating various marriage prospects, will she get her dream guy?

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