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What is GetBoocs?

GetBoocs is an online website for people to borrow and lend books. Search for a book, find an owner, and get your book by meeting for a coffee. was started on April 1st, with the mission of building trust, goodwill, and friendship in people's lives. We, at GetBoocs, are in love with the idea of people sharing goods.

It's sustainable, and adds a tremendous amount of happiness to our world. We want to change the world around us, make it better, more happier. To accomplish this, we've created a melting pot of book lovers where anyone can borrow or lend a book, and know that they've done something good.
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Meet the team (psshh its just one guy)

Advait Saravade is an 18 year old innovator, and student currently working as the sole developer, designer, and promoter of Ever since he was 11 years old, he has been fascinated by computer programming "because of its awesome power to change the way we live." His father bought him his first computer book, on web design, when he was 13, and Advait ended up publishing his first website just a month later. "I realized that this skill had given me the opportunity to share my ideas with millions of people all around the world." Over the next 4 years, Advait got nominated for web design awards and published apps to the Google Play Store that were used more than 5 million times, world over. His past ventures include VozzApp and MusicBoarder. He has been written about on, and maintains a personal website. You can find out more about him via social media. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.